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“A typical power will consistently be just as much as is expected to keep the two article from consuming a similar space.” 

That is valid. However, that doesn’t imply that N=mg consistently. Let us consider a theoretical circumstance when the typical power isn’t going about (as you have expected). At that point, since no power is acting, the speed will stay consistent and distracting to the round track. 

This implies the extremely next moment, the item falls into the track, which is correctly what ought magnetic balls occur. In this way, the main conceivable end is that the ordinary power is pushing the ball internal towards the inside to keep the ball from going into the track. 

In this way, there is no other power, however simply the ordinary power N, where, 


As should be obvious from the hexagon you have drawn (which is an exceptionally proficient approach to clear an issue including hovers, utilized by Archimedes once), there are two purposes of contact. The aggregate of the ordinary powers, will give a resultant that demonstrations opposite to the digression drawn at the purpose of contact, as in the outline underneath 

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A debt of gratitude is in order for your assistance. I follow, be that as it may, how does the track at C know what’s to come? How can it realize that in the following moment it will hit the track? Moreover, at that exact moment, the ball isn’t driving into the track and in this way the track can’t push back regardless of whether it knew what’s to come? – ThePhysicsOverthinker 1 hour back 

, the article is contacting the part it is going to crumple into as opposed to the part it is at now. In the awesome chart of the hexagon, you can see that the contact focuses are as an afterthought, magnetic balls on the edges. On the off chance that you attempt to make sense of the net power because of the focuses on the sides, you will discover them coordinated away from the edge, however the edge isn’t giving the ordinary power by any means – 

Ignoring friction (and hence rolling), what are the forces in bar Magnets on the ball in the middle frame??

3 force diagram frames of a ball meeting the floor after travelling along a slope

I am attempting to mirror this diagram to make a half hexagonal shape. With this I should be able to visualise what would happen when the slope becomes more and more curved until it becomes a circle. This is an attempt to explain to myself how the normal force at point C exists (see below) in the first place.

How does the normal force magnets for sale exist in centripetal motion?

“A normal force will always be only as much as is needed to prevent the two object from occupying the same space.” Since there is no force directed at the track at the exact point C, there should be nothing making them occupy the same space, and thus no force. I know that circular motion means there must be some centripetal force, but there is no force for the track to react to, so it simply canmagnetic balls push the ball!

Some answers on the internet mention the centrifugal force, however all my teachers have strongly instructed I ignore any mention of the centrifugal force. Instead, my teacher’s response to this question is that the ball is in fact exerting a kind of outward force since its momentum is tangential and the track is attempting to change its momentum.

Investigating strong neodymium magnets his response lead me to draw the above diagram to explain it to myself and to this question.  newtonian-mechanics centripetal-force